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Final Audio VR1000 & VR3000 VR IEMs

Final Audio VR1000 & VR3000 VR IEMs

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Product Description
Final Audio’s VR series headphones are designed to provide a well-rounded, immersive audio experience for gaming. While conventional stereo headphones often produce unwanted artifacts when reproducing binaural audio—particularly in the high end—both the VR1000 and the VR3000 deliver more accurate 3D soundstages Read More

May 24, 2021
I am curious about the vr3000 fit, as past experiences with angular chassis like kz zs5/zs7 have been less than pleasant to my ears over time.
May 26, 2021
peaceful_distanceGot the VR3000 via Amazon and assessed the comfort over time. When worn fully tuck-twisted in, the comfort is fine, but develops a pain hotspot in the helix crus in a short period of time. When worn loosely or not tucked in all the way, and with the larger tips to add space between the chassis and ear, the helix crus no longer develops a hotspot and the overall comfort is manageable. The chassis may also press against the tragus, but this is bearable compared to the helix crus. The sound is warm and bright at the same time. From an FR perspective, the bass to mids and the upper treble to the end of human hearing are very smooth and peakless. 0hz to 800hz and 7khz to 16khz are clean and smooth. The peaks I find are at 900hz and most concentrated from 5 to 7 khz. There are some sparse peaks between 2 and 4 khz, but they are negligible compared to the 5 to 7 khz range. From an imaging and soundstage perspective, it becomes immediately obvious that these are tuned for Virtual Reality / Binaural Audio, and less so for music. It is the only set in my collection, before eq, that gives my brain spatial, distance, and directional cues in a holographic way. Without eq, these iems are passable and provide an immersive and well isolated listening experience for analyzing sound space experiences. A little fatuiging over time, but nowhere near fatuiging as most chifi. With eq, these become much more smooth and musical, and become capable of performing on par with final e2000 and Sennheiser iems for music listening. It is important to note that the FR only peaks in the 2 to 7k range, and outside of this middle part of the FR spectrum, the response is incredibly smooth. This is extremely worth mentioning in my book as 99% of the other iem I have tried in my life always end up having peaks in the 8khz to 14khz range to overcompensate clarity. I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised when I could not detect any peaks when sliding through the range I am usually most annoyed with. We must keep in mind that these are tuned for games and VR, not music. I often find myself still gravitating towards Sennheiser CX 80S for music at the end of the day. If I had a VR gaming set or played more video games, these would be getting more ear time. Build, feel, and accessories are of final audio quality, which means good. One other thing I truly appreciate about this set is the fact that it is difficult to drive loud; it gives me much more headroom and leeway to control the volume level. Sometimes I want it quiet like background noise, and sometimes I wanna pump it Black Eyed Peas style. Some other iems I've tried sound like they are already at max volume when my volume hasn't even reached past the first notch, so this set is a breath of fresh air in the iem world. I would recommend this set to a friend if they spend lots of time gaming, and can tolerate/fix the peaks around the 5 to 7 khz range.
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