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Mangird Tea IEM

Mangird Tea IEM

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Product Description
Packing an impressive seven drivers per earphone, the Mangird Tea IEM has all frequencies covered with dedicated hardware. Two Knowles RAD-33518 drivers handle high frequencies, four Sonion 2600 drivers manage mids, and one German Bio-titanium dynamic driver bulks up the bass Read More

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Dec 1, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Critical Listening
Music Genres:Metal, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
The imaging is hard to top
First off I am sad that they don't sell these anymore. The Tea is special, it has a neutral pinna that really makes the lower range have some extra weight, while still sounding natural. The term holographic gets used and this was the first IEM that I experienced the effect. If you get a chance to buy/listen to a pair, don't pass it up. These almost feel like they were custom molded for my ears, and the sub-bass is amazing / satisfying. The Tea MKII is an outstanding sequel to this, but definitely a bit more V-shaped.
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Oct 11, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Unique Sound Profile
Solid iems with a unique sound profile, mine broke after less than a year though and had no luck contacting the manufacturer about warranty.
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Feb 26, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Balanced sound
This iem has great resolution and accuracy for the price and punches well above its weight!
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Dec 25, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Great sub bass
Great iem that's in price competition with the blessing 2. The sub bass digs very very deep and has a nice rumble to it. The mid range has a slight veil to it and the treble was crisp and airy with a nice extension. Overall a great set of iems, not sure how they'll hold up against others nowadays since iems are getting cheaper and BETTER each and every month but if you can get these cheap they're great, the only flaw on these is the soundstage it's very...weird one minute it sounds nice and wide and one minute it's almost non existent.
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Nov 26, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Good stuff
Very comfortable fit, warm sound with obvious BA timbre, but in a good way
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Nov 17, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Honestly These are Fckin Great
They’re nuetral (to me) with a bass emphasis. I am probably going to get rid of these and get the mkii, for more bass. However, these are still a great set and I do not regret getting them whatsoever. Wlthey helped me form my preferences and target for iems. They’re so unoffensive and easy to listen to that I can always count on their tuning
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Sep 26, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Phenomenal Sound, can get tiring.
Incredible separation and fidelity out of these, during long sessions I have noticed quite a bit of sibilance though and my ears began to tire during long listening sessions.
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Jun 22, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Great for the price!
First off these are pretty warm(like fresh tea!) so if that it’s not YOUR cup of tea, I would go for something different. I love the sound of these and I would haven given 5 stars had it not been for the intrusive, uncomfortable fit other than that they are lovely
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Jun 19, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
An upgrade over the Westones I've been using.
Been using IEM's for a little over a year now in both a 5 piece and 7 piece band and have had issues with "splatting" as the night went on, usually as the drummer hit a bit harder and rolled and filled a bit more. Knowing I had to switch to a multi-driver ear buds, I started pricing them out. Yikes! Sticker Shock! Seems like the domestic Mfg's charge on average $100 or more per driver. Finding the Mangird Tea's was my way out! 7 drivers at USD 260. Seemed to good to be true, but after using them for 7 sets of music this past weekend, I must say I'm more than happy with my purchase. They sound clear and rich with just enough Bass and punch. Recommend!!!
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Apr 20, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
They are a fun and accurate listen, and a great value.
Background: retired military (combat arms), mild, bilateral but asymmetrical hearing loss, mostly affecting 500 Hz in one ear and 4k Hz in the other. That said, I grew up in the 1990's Seattle suburbs, and music has been the foundation of my entire life. I am reviewing/comparing/contrasting the 7HZ Timeless and the Mangird Tea. I am also currently testing the Moondrop KXXX, but they require a 100 hr break-in period, and I am not there yet.  Equipment used for each were: Topping 70S/THX AAA 789 (with and without a cheap tube preamp) iFi Audio Zen DAC/iFi Audio Zen Amp Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt and Red Qobuz with minimum CD-quality audio 7HZ Timeless: Lightweight, wearing the Timeless is comfortable even for long periods, and the shape of the shell fits perfectly in my ears. It has the right amount of insertion. Isolation is ok, not as good as the Mangird Tea, but it gets the job done, and comfortable levels of music drown out background noise completely (although I did have not tested them in loud environments, such as a plane). The cable is high-quality, the termination on the IEM side is MMCX, and I bought the SE 3.5mm TRS version for compatibility with my Dragonflys without adapters. The cable is light and thin, and moving with them did not cause any problems. The IEM side of the cable also has a laminated memory wire with good memory retention which sits comfortably at the back of the ears, and I prefer this cable over the braided and thicker Mangird Teas. The cable is easy to put in and out of the case and tangling was never a problem. The lows are thick and full-bodied, with the sub-bass rumble clearly felt and mid-bass textured and punchy, but not overwhelming. The attack is fast and clean while being very solid and distinct. The Timeless is V-shaped, though the midrange is not as recessed as other V-shaped tunings I have heard, allowing the instruments and vocals to shine in detail. Both male and female vocals are articulate, clear, and transparent. Vocal layering is clear and distinct. Instruments also sound very natural and accurate, textures are distinguishable with an airy and crisp treble. Neither harsh nor fatiguing, I can and do easily listen to these for hours, sometimes into a power nap. Staging is wide and deep for the price, impressively for an IEM. Imaging is above average. If I had to own only one pair of these three, the Timeless would probably be my choice considering the value for the dollar (priced in the middle of the three). Mangird Tea: The Tea is beautiful-looking, and lightweight like plastic but has much more rigidity in the body of the housing. The resin has also been seeded with gold foil that seems to float. They just look fantastic. The cable on the other hand doesn’t match the aesthetic, though it is a quality cable. The braided cable is thicker than the one on the Timeless and sometimes does not want to sit well behind my ears. The cable is probably worthy of an upgrade. Overall build quality is superb and the finish and design of the Tea are impressive. Mangird has chosen to use two-pin connectors. The ergonomics are on point and the outer housing conforms well with the shape of my ear. These have a deeper insertion than the Timeless, but nothing like a pair of Etymotics. They just sit a bit deeper in the ear and thus is fantastic at isolation - the best of the three - and offer a significant reduction in ambient noise, so these would be perfect for use in noisy environments. The sound is also the best of the three - these earphones sound amazing. Fun and energetic with lots of detail and plenty of bass, though not as V-shaped as the Timeless. While I prefer the Timeless for heavier music, I prefer the Teas for lighter music and movie watching. With the Tea, I expected it to be good but I did not expect what I actually heard. The tuning is natural, smooth, and balanced, with some warmth and thickness to the presentation. These are most expressive when listening to stringed instruments and vocals. Clear, detailed, and tuned to create plenty of space and separation. The highs are well extended and crisp, the mids are forward, and the lows are naturally produced. This balance makes this earphone versatile, hence my choice for movies over the Timeless. In summary, they look great, the build quality is excellent and the sound is balanced, detailed, and clear. While I would choose the Timeless if I only could own one, these are not going back, and I enjoy switching between the two.
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