Massdrop x AKG K7XX Red Edition

Massdrop x AKG K7XX Red Edition

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Last year, we teamed up with AKG on the K7XX, a Massdrop-configured edition of the highly regarded 65th Anniversary K702. Featuring its predecessor’s legendary sound and build quality—with a bass boost, matched transducers, and improved comfort—the K7XX was a big hit with the Audiophile Community Read More

Feb 15, 2016
If you take a look at the stats, item for item of both phones, the AKG K7XX appear to be the AKG Q701 with different badging. Every stat is the same. No disrespect to Massdrop intended but the Q701 phones come with (2) oxygen free cables and they are currently ($20) cheaper on Amazon. Again, no disrespect intended.
Hey, "I'm just saying"
May 11, 2016
Honestly they were fantastic for positional audio but were lacking bit in the fun department. The mic was crystal clear too. The AKG K7XX give me everything I wanted paired with a ModMic 4.0.
Apr 11, 2019
I am not a troll just a noob to audio why dose everyone argue about the microscopic difrencese between headsets when there are furries to slay??? Please reply
May 31, 2017
MASSDROP - please look into the quality of the units you're getting from AKG. I seriously doubt you're getting the same quality units that do actually sell for $649.99. This is an excellent price, but at what cost. Quality.
I only had mine for two years. All my other headphones I've had for 10+ years. When the right side quit working, I wanted to repair them. I destroyed them because the housing is snapped together permanently, and not meant to be taken apart. Upon inspection, the soldering was done poorly, and the wire gauge being used on the inside is frail. Should be 24-30 gauge wiring, but appears to be cheap 36 gauge wiring. The wire ends were frayed, and only a few strands were actually making contact with the solder blobs. I can see how normal use will cause those few strands to eventually break loose.
I would appreciate taking a closer look, and report your findings back to AKG. If this is their b-stock, tell us.
Massdrop OR Massdump.
Jun 25, 2017
now owned by samsung
Jul 25, 2017
have this exact same issue with mine. really sucks because they were awesome. still have yet to take a shot at fixing them... totally see what you mean by the housing. didn't see an easy way of doing it so I put it off.
Mar 7, 2016
I've had word back from massdrop where I asked them to advise about their false advertising and the legality of extending a limited edition run. Here's probably the worst response ever:
Hi there,
We apologize for any confusion caused by the description on the drop page and understand your frustration. The product you bought is indeed a limited run, and the first drop we ran was only for 1500 units. The drop that is currently running is from the same production run and limited to 800 units. Your feedback in regards to the copy will be passed to the appropriate department for consideration.
Warmly, Hillary
Mar 9, 2016
Well I accept your explanation. I never once thought fakery was the motive. You should try in the future to be more precise in your language. So often things are misunderstood because of vague and inprecise wording. For myself, I'm happy that more people will be able to get these headphones. Keep bringing quality products to market for reasonable prices and I'll keep buying!
Mar 9, 2016
You, Sir, spoke the words I was looking for.
Oct 3, 2017
When does a drop really end? I have watched these, and the Black edition plus some other headphones, countdown for a while now. They get close to finishing but then the clock goes up and the countdown starts again and again. As someone new to Massdrop I wonder why this happens. Its an interesting, perhaps unusual, business practice.
Oct 4, 2017
Thanks for your answer. As KJ741N1 said, at the moment it does feel like a "clever", and very irritating, marketing ploy. Like McDoogle, I check Massdrop a couple of times a day and Massdrop sends me two emails each day (you should be able to access logon data as part of your market research). For the last week I have been considering dropping Massdrop because of this specific issue.
I don't know how your systems are configured, nor your resources for system design, but I think that having a special section with Massdrop audiofile products without the timer is really quite straightforward. Alternatively, since you already have filters for "newest","recommended" and "ending soon" just add another filter "never ending". As an aside, your daily processing of orders for these "never ending"drops must surely be appreciated.
Thank you again for your detailed answer. And thank you to others who participated in this thread.
But note also I raised the issue about polls that go nowhere as well (check the two year old Shure SE846 poll). That is for another discussion.
Oct 4, 2017
Between the polls that go nowhere and the drops that come and go at completely unpredictable intervals, I've nearly given up on buying anything from Massdrop. I eventually realized "waiting around" for Massdrop to respond to polls or bring an item back again becomes an enormous waste of time.
Nov 27, 2016
Please help me out folks!! I have Asus STX II and recently I have placed an order for Audio Technica R70x for $270 CAD - about $305 with taxes. These with the delivery are coming to the same price. The R70x haven't been shipped yet so I can still cancel that order. PLEASE HELP!! Please help me decide if these should be a better buy? The R70x are 470 ohms too, while these are much less. Thanks!!
Jun 2, 2017
Wow lots of stuff here. Solid states will almost always be more accurate sound than tube, however tubes make a more "pleasant" sound, so since you are not a professional audio tech, you will probably prefer the more pleasant sound.
To the high end speakers (studio monitors) most good ones will be "powered" which essentially means there is an amp in each speaker so you have to plug them into a wall. Plugging an amp into them will probably change the sound, but a good DAC would be more useful for that. The thing about speakers is to reach the same audio perfection, you'll have to spend a lot more than a pair of equally good headphones, but you also get to share the music as well as "Feel" it when the subs kick in, which is pretty cool.
Yes, there are monitors that don't have amps built in. It's quite common however they're usually the cheap ones. If you don't know if it has an amp built in look at the specs, if its powered it will most likely have a spec saying voltages like "110-240v 3 amp" which even though it doesn't say how good or what the amp is, you'll know it has it otherwise it wont be plugged in. Usually the amps in monitors are made to work with the monitor to make the most accurate sound.
Jun 3, 2017
Awesome!! thank you so much for the explanation.
Jul 18, 2017
I am tired of waiting. In this day, it is ridiculous to wait for two months after I have paid for an item. Can I get a refund, it’s not worth the wait especially since I have paid in advance? These waits are not reasonable at all. it’s been over two months for this order and I have two other drop orders now over a month since payment.
Aug 4, 2017
I was waiting to see whether you'd respond in earnest!
Sep 4, 2017
You haven't met me and Ryan...Reynolds. BB have nothing on us.
Mar 6, 2016
@ArthurM / Massdrop: "This drop is limited to 1500" That's false, advertising. I really don't care that much about "Limited Edition" or not, but the way you advertised them, it feels like having birthday and being told "uhm... btw your dog died". Like I said: I don't really care because I bought them due to the quality, but neither it's okay to advertise like that. You lied straight to 1'400+ people who ordered them and to everyone who is joining the drop now. Their drop is limited to 800 units, yes. But 1'500 + 800 = 2'300 units in total. That's false advertising for the second time. Does the second drop's serial numbers start from 0 again or will it procede from 1500? It would be nice to see a statement from Massdrop to clarify everything.
Mar 6, 2016
Part of limited edition red with only 2300 u it's out there makes it unique to me. People will see it and go wow that is way cool. And you go. I got it from Massdrop. They might sell ones like it again someday. See I have unique stuff. Not like everybody elses. Il telling you though offer purple one and a blue one. Sell like hot cakes.
Mar 8, 2016
I understand why everyone is upset. I actually held off joining the black K7XX when I participated the poll - hoping they produce 'red'. But if you have been around Massdrop - you should not be surprised. They do this for several their own collaboration production. The initial black K7XX was "limited". As well as Fostex TH-X00. In fact, I did not join the initial drop of Foxtex because I want to get people's review and pretty certain Massdrop will be have another drop.
Nov 27, 2016
[moderated] who voted for red color, not buying it.
Nov 28, 2016
I have red/black setup This color is great for me
Nov 28, 2016
its a pretty dark red. not super flashy
Apr 19, 2017
So went back and forth wondering if I should post this here or in the standard K7xx page but decided to stick to its actual product page. Once again off ebay, 'limited edition' and cheaper then the all standard black version so decided I had to pull the trigger.
Alright lets get this started. Pretty standard box. I like the more understated designs like the HD6xx and HE350 boxes instead of ones with marketing all over it. These are Massdrop specials so its not like there going on store shelves where people want some info on potential buys. Subscribers know what they're getting, make the packaging a little more special. Just saying.
ebay seller included extra braided 3ft cable. Kitty wanted to check it all out.
Set up on a headphone stand. Really like the red accents, makes the whole headphone pop, could go pretty good next to a Red/Black themed 'battle station'. Also as a side note I really like these Luxa2 headphone stands.
While the main materials feel alright some construction aspects and material choices kinda make me scratch my head. Soft clear plastic guides... eh, ok.
These elastic bands don't inspire confidence in me
Metal grill and hard plastic. The plastic of the K7xx feels better then the plastic of the HE350s by a large margin. Also one MAJOR issue in the articulation of these, but Ill get to that later.
What feels and smells like real leather on the headband, red stitching looks great. No padding but for me that's not a issue, it's still comfortable, and the band conforms to the head very well.
Pretty standard ~9ft cable, no complains here, includes a 1/8 to 1/4th adapter.
Different day, same headphones, more pictures. Kitty still digging them and wanting to get in on pics with them.
As for sound. I really like these. To put it simply it's accurate reproduction of the input signal. Low end is present and tight, less mids then the HD650 but brighter in the highs then them as well as wider soundstage. IIRC on the FR there is a pretty nasty spike in the 8k area but I do not notice that at all. Highs are not shill or overbearing IMO, everything is essentially just... accurate. Not sure why DMS3 TV was undeservingly shitting all over them.
I would love for these to be -my- 'reference' headphones, and as they have (I'm pretty sure) the most time spent on my head you could say they are. However these headphones just have some issues that for me are hard to overlook. Huge cups, I could almost put like 2 of my ears in one pad, not as snug and I want, and with its looser clamp they will slide around and you have to keep adjusting them so your ears are centered. The articulation on them are not smooth and a full 360. At certain points they hit something in there and lock up and will make a loud audible pop to free themselves. ZReviews mentions something similar and I'm pretty sure this is what was happening.
May 1, 2017
Same headphone stand here it is really nice and heavy so you could give it a little bump without knocking it over
May 4, 2017
dms3 cannot get over hd650. it's either them or shit
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