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Tangzu x HBB Heyday Edition IEM

Tangzu x HBB Heyday Edition IEM

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Product Description
The Tangzu x HBB Heyday Edition IEM is an excellent example of high-end audio manufacturing coming together with the audiophile reviewer community. The Heyday IEM puts upgraded 14.5-millimeter planar magnetic drivers into a small, design-forward form factor—and because Tangzu has partnered with cult-favorite audio reviewer HawaiiBadBoy to tune the IEM, you can be sure there’s nuance to appreciate in the audio performance Read More

Jun 2, 2023
Great product when it came out last year, but today the KZ PR2 exists at 1/4th the price, so not sure Heyday is relevant anymore. Price needs to be cut in half at least for this to sell I think.
Jun 4, 2023
mensreaCouldn't agree more. I've been thinking about dipping my toes into planar IEMs for a while, and this Tangzu was on my short list. But then the KZ PR2 came out with great reviews, so I thought, 40 bucks, what do I have to lose? I got them a few days ago, I'm listening to them as I type, and they sound fantastic. Sure, the Tangzu has a better cable and more accessories, but I doubt that it sounds so much better to justify paying more than four times as much.
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