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Venture Electronics Monk Plus Exclusive Blue

Venture Electronics Monk Plus Exclusive Blue

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You haven’t heard “bang for the buck” until you’ve picked up the Monk Plus earbuds from Venture Electronics. Praised for delivering a level of sound quality rarely found in the earbud category, they’ve taken the Head-Fi community by storm Read More

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Jan 3, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
I bought the Monks just because I had $10 balance in my Paypal account. I never heard of the Monks before and had zero expectation of them sounding even decent. Once I received them I plugged them to my Samsung Galaxy S9+ and was pleasantly surprised. The sound came out as open and airy with very soft highs and great mids. The bass sounded a bit recessed but not to offset the overall sound presentation. After listening to a few songs I was certain that these are something special and needs some better treatment. I fired up Tidal plus via Audirvana + on my MacBook and plugged them to my Chord Mojo headamp. What I heard was pure joy to my ears (honey to my ears). One after the other I went through almost my whole playlist, and mind you without skipping a single song! The mojo brought out more detailed and controlled sound from these. There was an ear to ear grin on my face throughout. These had no business sounding so good for less than $5! I immediately ordered two more pairs. Now I have three pairs tuned differently. I stuffed some cotton in the earbuds and now the slight midbass hump is gone and they sound a little bit more deep and the mids are cleaner. I also attached the wing type hook to these and now they are more stable! I upgraded cable on one of these as well. Is it blasphemous to say that I enjoy the sound from these even more than my $700 Focal Elex! Don't think twice but get these right away and thank me later.

Jan 3, 2019
viveksaikia22Hi. I'm wondering where'd you get the accessories for the VE Monks like the Ear wing. Thanks.
Apr 15, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
I'll try to be objective in evaluating these: Mids and treble are natural, clear, and airy, like a good pair of open back headphones. Nothing sticks out to me as peaky or distorted. It's not going to blow you away, but there's really nothing at fault, either. If I had to pick a complaint, perhaps the upper treble could have a bit more sparkle. 7/10 from me. Bass is there, but very dependent on a good fit/seal, which just isn't there for me. Just sitting in my ears naturally, I heard very little bass (though this has improved with burn in). I can hold them at an angle where I'm able to actually hear the bass, and it's pretty good--there's not much slam/impact to it, and it's not all that detailed, but it extends well into sub-bass and can generate some rumble. With some eq, I can raise the bass levels to a level I'm able to hear it without messing with the fit, all without changing the quality of the rest of the sound, which redeems the bass for me. I'll say 6/10 using an eq (or if they just fit well for you), but 3/10 otherwise. Again, fit and comfort is going to vary from person to person. On me, they're comfortable, but the drivers just don't align with my ear canals well, which makes the lower frequencies suffer. I won't dock points for this, but be aware of what you're getting into. I don't care much about soundstage, but these do feel reasonably wide, maybe a bit out the head. I haven't heard the HD800 or any headphones with massive soundstage, so I can't really grade this accurately. On that note, these are actually source dependent though, as they sound a little congested off a fiio e10k, but much more open from my schiit stack, which was a surprise to me, as I had not heard such a clear difference before with the headphones I've owned. So overall, I'd give these 7/10 for sound quality alone (with a bass boost for me and driven from a decent source), and this is in comparison to headphones and iems I've heard all the way to the $500 range. When considering these are only $5, I have to give them full marks and a full recommendation from me. Whether just using them out and about or for at home listening, I don't think you can go wrong with dropping $5 to give these a try!
Apr 17, 2019
inPractikLLol i was thinking to myself that a review so in depth wouldnt be necessary for a $5 pair of buds but i guess i was wrong
Apr 18, 2019
shadowkreeptldr: they're pretty damn good for $5 😂
Jun 23, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Pretty good for the price
These absolutely sound better than any pair you'd just pick up off the shelf in your average store. They are a great value and have fun packaging. I think some of the technical reviews are a bit over the top and confusing because they read like you're getting some high end set of headphones (by that I mean compare with a review of a $500+ set of headphones and you'll see the same kind of language). I think it's important to understand what the product is and is not, so I won't say anything about the audio quality other than it's a good value.
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Apr 26, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Let's remember these earphones are dirt cheap. They costed me $12 delivered to Australia. They performed a lot better than a lot of $50-60 earphones that I have tried. For the price, they are by far the best value earphones that I have. Also, the mic performed really well. it is not Paltronics quality, but it is better than Beats.   Sound wise, they sound fun. A little bright, and the bass is short, but no annoying. Vocals are very clear, which also helps with phone calls. When you move from Shure 846 to these, you notice the difference, but you don't hate them. As I said before they are Fun. Listening to Herb Alpert  - Rise the trumpet and piano sound nicer than with the Massdrop Noble Luxe bugs. And they are many times better than the Fanmusic E6 (these are terrible earphones) than cost 4 times more.   They fit well in my ears, and they don't come off easy. I have not tried them for sports, but I tested them in go to work road trip: Walk 600mts, cache bus, cache train, go up the stairs, walk another 400 mts crossing several roads, and they stayed put. And they are safe, because you are ware of your surroundings.   The build feels good quality, and even though, I have not used them long, but I think they will last.
Nov 30, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
These are cheap, but I'm not sure that they are worth their cost actually. The KSC75 are a way way way better value, even though they cost more than 3 times as much. Yes, the KSC75 sound more than 3 times better. These were so bad that I hooked them up to a speaker amp and blew them up for fun.
Jul 7, 2019
ericbm2It's the little things....
Jul 14, 2019
ericbm2Take 100hour to make it right
Nov 26, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
These really hurt my ears. I can’t even wear them. Waste of money.
Nov 28, 2018
JawsomeJessWhat a loss..
CilphyoJust b/c they do not fit your ears is no reason to 1-star them, my brother. Try standing them up in each ear, open end facing forward, with cable wrapped above & around the back of each ear. I've owned some otherwise horrible-sounding earbuds and when placed in ear as just offered you do was surprised how good they could sound. I was going to pass on these but b/c of your 1-star, rather rude, review, have decided to try a couple pair. And, no, I neither work for the manufacturer, Massdrop, nor am I being paid to write or post this. Take care, man.
Jun 27, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
gut shizzle
veri gut gud, gud cabel. I recomend
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Feb 1, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
I think the positive reviews are from people that have never owned decent cans under $20. That's the only way I can justify the high reviews. These earbuds remind me of the ones that came with my Zune (yes, proud ex-lover of Zune). They aren't terribly uncomfortable once in but taking them in and out is a rather unpleasant feeling. Any movement of cable is heard in my ears, which is normal for the design. The clarity runs between good to fair; it seems very mid-heavy, which some argue as "balanced". The highs are unclear, vocals don't cut well, everything sounds kind of muddy in comparison to any of my other buds (Anker Soundsbuds slim+, Westone UM Pro 10 (not fair to compare them to my over-ears and on-ears since they do not function the same way.)) The big grab for these is that they are so cheap. If you're already a shopper on Massdrop for audio this will likely be the only crazy cheap purchase options you'll find. "The biggest bang you'll ever hear for your buck". Herein lies the problem: my buck is not $5. If you're willing to spend money on new earbuds why the hell not shell out an extra $20? The audio quality for these are maybe $10 worth. It makes sense to spend a little more and get more, maybe that's just me. I'll likely use these if I can't find my other earbuds or my wireless are charging. Otherwise, can't think of a good reason to own them. Here are some better cheap(y) options: Panasonic RPHJE120K, Easy KZ ZST, Betron YSM1000, Meze 11 NEO TL:DR - don't waste $5 on these, keep them bills towards something better for $20-$60
Feb 7, 2019
WetFannypackI liked them for $5, but that's because all I had to spare was $5. I found a pair of Audio Technica over-ear studio headphones are Goodwill for $8 that blow them away, but I use those for my studio monitor instead of my PC. The only problem I see with the MUCH better value headphones you recommended is that they go inside your ear like an earplug, which for someone like me, is usually painful. That's why a cheap pair like the monks that just sit in between the lobe and antihelix of my ear and sort of hang there are just right for me. Now if you have sensitive ears and prefer the plug type, definitely get the plug type like the ones WetFannypack is suggesting. But hey, in the end it's just $5. Not that big of a deal in the long run.
Nov 21, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Nothing special honestly. They are extremely uncomfortable and sound more or less like any other earbuds. Not sure where the hype is coming from.
Jan 9, 2019
CamperIVCould not express my feelings better
Jan 18, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
I kind of hesitated when I saw those 1 or 2-star reviews but now I am glad I decided to give those a try.  Build quality is decent. The driver shells are made with plain hard plastic, but the fit and finish are good, no rough edges. There's nothing much to talk about here. Sound wise, the bass is a bit lacking and does not go very deep but is fast and has decent quality. Using the foam pads is the key to get more bass from these kinds of earbuds. Mids, in general, is present and clear but feels a bit lacking in the lower-mids which makes the overall sound on the thin side. Highs are very good, provide excellent details and brightness without being piercing in most cases. The sound also feels very spacious and has good separation of instruments.  To my ears, they are fantastic, as long as you understand those are earbuds, not IEMs or headphones. Earbuds now have become a niche, of course, you won't get the same level of bass, sound isolation, or in-ear fit of the IEMs from those, but if you grew up in the era which earbuds were still the mainstream of the market, you'd probably appreciate those a little bit more. Hey, they are just $5.


Feb 8, 2019
SunmoonI think I used to own the Sony earbuds in the pic you posted :) is that the MDR-E888?
Feb 19, 2019
innocentbloodIt is! I was wondering if anyone might recognize it! : )
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