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ZMF Ear Pads for Fostex, Audeze & More

ZMF Ear Pads for Fostex, Audeze & More

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With these pads from ZMF Headphones, every listening session becomes more enjoyable. They're made of premium memory foam wrapped in thick natural lambskin or perforated lambskin, with a hand-stitched design that provides a soft, pliable feel Read More

Apr 3, 2020
When was the last time this drop is on? I want some of those pilot pads. :P
Has anyone tried the ovals with the ATH-MSR series? I'm looking to take some of the sibilance off my MSR-7b's. ZMF's website says that in the cowhide version "Driver sits furthest from the ear, has thickest material. Darker tone, flattens treble peaks." So it sounds like the right choice for very bright headphones which the 7b's are. I'm worried that the pads will be too thick though.
Apr 7, 2019
So Gents which pads are the best option on the M1060,s? i know the Vegan Audeze pads are a no go or very hard to find but I want to change my stock pads and try another Pad. recommendations please Guys.(Plus Im in the UK so need to know where to get them) dekoni? ZMF Eikon micro Suede?
Feb 21, 2019
I would keep the original soundsignature when possible.The original pad are a little bit a comfor problem.What for Zmf Earpads i can use for the Fostex TR-x00 Mahagoni?I have read some good over the Zmf Eikon.I have try the Dekoni elite hybrid memory foam,and are so so so Bad.For my opinion.Wasted Money for my.Never buy anywhere from Dekoni from my side.
Dec 31, 2018
Just thought I'd put it out there for the next time these drop, I got a pair of the universe velours to try on T60RP's and while they and nice with them, they're black magic on philips X2. Also very good quality, worth the extra bucks over other pads
Nov 24, 2018
akg7xx user here. i felt akg7xx has high treble. which earpad can control it better?
Nov 20, 2018
does it fit on Audeze EL-8 series as well?
ultlamanI believe you need the attachment ring for EL8 which is not provided. But then if you got it on there you would use universe.
Nov 21, 2018
ZMFheadphonesWhy not a better drop price compared to buying direct? Wow, (for the pilot pad) three dollar savings for a 3 month wait... compared to buying direct...
Nov 19, 2018
Which are the really big pads as shown being used with the Fostex X00?
Nov 19, 2018
For fostex x00 should I go with the ori or eikon pads?
The photo shows the Ori pads! But Eikon will work as well too and be slightly closer to the original sound sig.
Nov 20, 2018
ZMFheadphonesOk, one more question. Would you happen to know what the Ori pads change in sound? Does it increase bass, decrease treble etc.? I wouldn’t mind a change in sound. Thank you!
Nov 18, 2018
ZMF has an accessories sale right now. For only a few dollars more per item (if you're in the U.S.), you can get the items much faster and more selections.
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