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Zorloo ZuperDAC

Zorloo ZuperDAC

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Driven to make hi-fi music more accessible to everyone, Zorloo created the ZuperDAC: a super-portable, budget-friendly USB DAC that’s about the size of thumb drive and weighs just 16 grams. The aluminum housing has a matte metallic finish, and provides interference shielding and solid protection for the electronics within Read More

Nov 6, 2019
Dead on arrival I've got the Zorloo DAC this morning. When I got to my office, I've connected it and listened for 1 min on smart phone (Android) and PC. It worked fine. However, when I've got back home, sat down to listen to music, it worked for 2 seconds, lit the blue LED and then went dead. I've tried different PC, MAC, smartphone - nothing helped. Total life span < 2 minutes. I've contacted Drop support waiting for their instructions. Will keep you posted. Yinnon
Nov 20, 2019
YinnonUpdate: Since Drop had no replacement in their warehouse, they fully refunded me. Prompt, decent response. I'm definitely in favor of Drop
Mar 3, 2018
This device broke after less than six months of usage. Would not recommend!
Jan 24, 2018
Is it just me or is this DAC actually kinda bad??? First thing i noticed was that this dac was slightly colored. Now i'm not necessarily against this... as this DAC brings up the bottom a bit which i find most "audiophile" grade headphones are always lacking.... But this DAC severely clipped the output frequencies of the IEM's i've sampled. It completely cut off very low frequencies and high frequencies were dulled or cut out entirely. I went back to using my onboard DAC on my laptop because it is quite literally superior in EVERY way. Clarity and detail were identical between this Zorloo and my base model, bottom of the line linovo think pad. Unless you have SEVERE issues with your device, like a 10 year old device who's onboard audio was a complete afterthought and your headphones are crap and can't outtput any decent frequencies, then you MIGHT want to consider this. But if your device isn 't a technological dinosaur, and you're looking for an improvement to a mediocre onboard setup, get LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE.
As far as having to change your default driver, yes you have to make the zorloo your default. THis is no different than ANY other USB dac i've tried. Oh you wanna use onboard speakers instead now? Well you gotta manually change it. Again, My super special SCHIIT stack is no different. Stop whining.
If and when there is another drop for this, be WARNED: The Zorloo Windows driver is a complete and total POS. I can't speak for Mac users but if you have a Windows computer STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEVICE.
I have tried two installations in case there was some unusual glitch the first time. The second instance was identical to the first.
To use the DAC, you have to go into Control Panel/Sound and manually switch the default playback device to the Zorloo. You can't just use it for the one time--you have to make it the default.
If you do go back to Control Panel/Sound and switch the default device back to your computer's speakers/soundcard, ALL of your music playback software will simply hang or CRASH. My guess is that the Zorloo driver overwrites some files and leaves them incompatible.
I have had to do a FULL SYSTEM RESTORE, to before the Zorloo driver went in, in order to be able to play music from the computer again. The only good thing about the Zorloo driver is that it calls for a restore point.
DON'T GET THIS FOR WINDOWS. Get a DAC that is plug and play with your computer or you'll be at the mercy of a botched driver.
And of course Massdrop provides zero assistance or support.
Really appreciate you trying to make a Symantec-friendly version of the Zorloo driver.
I downloaded and installed yours without a squawk from Symantec. I'm using Windows 7 Pro.
I had to set Zorloo as the default device in Control/Panel Sounds--it wouldn't switch from the computer speakers in Mixer. And then I played a few tracks through headphones.
But I thought I'd try an A/B test, so I disconnected the Zorloo and switched to Speakers (actually headphone) playback on the computer. Trouble. My usual playback software--Foobar2000 and (still kicking!) Winamp--just crashed, multiple tries. I even tried a full Winamp uninstall and reinstall (from and it still crashed.
I don't know if Zorloo's driver would affect Windows Media Player or iTunes, which I don't generally use. I have done a System Restore back to before the Zorloo install, and Winamp is back and unaffected.
But for my situation the Zorloo driver is just a nonstarter. Getting the DAC was a mistake. As you can see in my previous post, Massdrop can't be bothered.
Here's what you get when you contact Massdrop "Support." Short version--Screw you, not our problem, we've got your money.
------------------------ QUOTE: My name's Dave. I'm sorry that you got a suspicious program when you downloaded the drivers for the Zorloo ZuperDAC.
[...] We can only offer returns for items that arrive damaged, defective, not-as-advertised, or are missing components. Sadly we can't be held liable for the drivers that the manufacturer uses.
I did a search through Zorloo's FAQ's concerning the Trojan.Gen.SMH, and they said it's a false positive and their drivers are virus free. -----------------------------
"Dave," if a useless/malware driver is not your idea of a "missing component" or defective or "not as advertised"--LIKE YOU CAN'T USE IT--then you need a new dictionary. And gosh, "Dave," if a Chinese hacker sent you maiware do you think they would admit it?
Has Zorloo contacted Symantec about a false positive? (As I have.) Has Zorloo figured out why it's triggering the warning? Has Zorloo provided any independent verification that it's not malware?
Or, has Massdrop done any independent investigation or research? Tried the products it sells? No, the "community" is really just another marketing target.
This attitude really speaks for itself. No wonder so many people despise Massdrop.
Ka.avik, I really appreciate your work--more than Massdrop could be bothered with--and I will respond to that separately.
I just got the ZuperDAC. It needs a driver for Windows downloaded from the Zorloo support page.
As soon as the driver file was downloaded, Symantec flashed a virus alert, analyzed it, showed a Trojan and deleted the driver file.
No driver, no DAC. This is useless, and if there IS malware, it's worse than useless.
Jan 6, 2018
frequencyresponseOK! I got it fixed ... let me see if I can share the fix.
Short version is this: Symantec doesn't like the installer.
I installed Zorloo's installer on a virtual machine, and everything *looked* okay but I'm not the level of hacker to find a rootkit so ... but the installer more or less just unpacks some .dll and .inf files to it's "install" directory, and runs setup, then deletes setup.exe because you don't need it, right?
Using a small, self-contained web server, I 'shared' the installed-to directory, and downloaded it back to the host ... no fits from Symantec. I could get the driver to _say_ it installed going through all the hoops, but still the device wouldn't start. I ended up making an exception directory that wouldn't be looked at for virii ... but the temp file as it was downloaded was immediately yoinked. BUT as it turns out, Google Chrome doesn't use temp folders, so I was able to install (ugh) chrome to download and save the "bad" installer that Zorloo provides.
Looking at it with 7-zip, I could see ... one extra file. Setup.exe. Copying that to the previously copied folder, which did not have an exception, Symantec was happy, and Zorloo's setup file did the rest of the magic to add working drivers to Windows 7 64bit. I've just finished listening to several .mp3 files through headphones _definitely_ attached to the ZuperDAC, I can say it's working.
I *am* left with the impression the sound is ... less than spectactular, but this is a cheap DAC and I bought it so my wife's underpowered laptop could offload sound to something custom-built for sound, so I'm not actually disappointed about sound quality after all this.
I'll see if I can pack up this as a .tgz or something ... mega . nz alright with folks?!KsITTRhL!7MtWIx6-sXbOb0xrXjcwsmKyyNSFpOm-rdyCjsd2zmI that doesn't seem to cause Symantec Endpoint, current on support and definitions, any conniptions.
Ka.avikKa.avik, thanks. Full response in the main thread.
Dec 16, 2017
Do this little guy work with 600 ohm headphones (i.e Sennheiser HD6XX)?
Dec 15, 2017
Great while it lasted. It's the first portable DAC/amp I've ever had, and I did notice a difference in how my entry level headphones (Edifier HD840) sounded.
However, it stopped working after 3 months of light use. The male usb connector became a little loose, and now my computer no longer detects it/the green power light never comes on.
I wouldn't recommend it for build quality concerns. But if you do end up buying it, be sure to get a usb cable for it so you can let it lie on a flat surface - leaving it plugged into a mac usb port and letting it hang on its own seems to have broken mine.
Dec 15, 2017
hello, thank you for your time reading this,, byeee..
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