Massdrop x Koss ESP/95X Electrostatic System

Massdrop x Koss ESP/95X Electrostatic System

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A revival of the standard-setting ESP/950 released by Koss in 1990, these headphones bring electrostatic quality into a whole new price bracket. Initially designed for live recording, the ESP/950 came with a large carrying case and a battery pack to power the required energizer: a special amplifier for electrostatic drivers Read More

Dec 1, 2021
Should I upgrade esp/95x? If yes then which one? This is my best and only static till know & he4xx in dynamic. Currently using with oratory1990 around two years
Oct 26, 2021
So I was getting a light hum that sounds like ground loop hum. Test 1: Turn the power switch to the off position. Hum increases in volume. Test 2: Unplug the power cord. I still hear a hum. Maybe I'm going crazy. But the sound can't be in my ears because I don't hear it when I remove the headphones. Maybe from residual charge in capacitors. Test 3: Unplug the RCA input cables (from my DAC). Hum goes away. Test 4: While keeping the RCA input unplugged, use an audio cable from my phone to the Aux In. Result: no hum, but the audio quality isn't as good as from my DAC. Test 5: Reconnect the RCA cables from the DAC, unplug the DAC. Hum goes away. Conclusion: Hum is coming in from the DAC, through the RCA line-level input. I'm using OHNO unshielded RCA cables but the noise seems to be coming from the DAC rather than the cables. UPDATE: It seems the Chord 2Qute DAC has a known grounding issue, but the unit comes with a grounding post. I'll try connecting it to the Koss energizer box and will post an update.
Oct 22, 2021
The weight is listed as 353 grams, but so many reviews state that it's lightweight? Is it because the weight of the cable is included?
Oct 21, 2021
Anybody else have random electric sounds from headphones? Like crackles and high pitch sounds. I sent about 10 emails to Koss asking about it but they didn't respond.. It was like this from the beginning and I keep them in a box so it's not dust.. Perhaps a different power supply will fix this?
Aug 19, 2021
any news on when this is coming back?
Aug 18, 2021
Headfonics review of the Massdrop x Koss ESP/95X "Overall, the Massdrop x Koss ESP/95X is a great electrostatic headphone. It is not the clearest you can get today for the price, but it is perhaps the cheapest complete rig system you can get that will let you step into the world of Electrostatic tonality. "
Apr 29, 2021
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Mar 13, 2021
Has there been any word from Koss or Drop about these? I was just about to cave in and buy the 220V version and spend the little extra for a 120V AC to 9V DC linear adapter, but it went out of stock right before I checked out. I really want to try out an electrostatic, and I might end up buying something from Stax instead.
Apr 24, 2021
Thank you for sharing this! It’s very tempting but seems incredibly risky. No warranty for this particular product is very unfortunate. I feel like the $150 off already struggles to make up for lack of warranty, but then it’s also B-stock.
The Koss limited lifetime warranty still might be there. Would be worth to check out
Feb 26, 2021
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