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Violectric HPA V340 Headphone Amplifier

Violectric HPA V340 Headphone Amplifier

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Product Description
The Violectric HPA V340 takes an elegant, no-nonsense approach: providing low-noise, high-headroom amplification to add polish and nuance to your high-impedance headphones. The all-black design is decidedly unflashy, meaning its goal isn’t to stand out on your desk, but rather blend in nicely with sleeker setups Read More

Sep 13, 2021
No balanced input????
Sep 13, 2021
If there is really no balanced input, it would be quite sad for this balanced amp. If space were an issue, they could have done something like this Balanced RCA | Khadas or opted for the TRS route commonly used in audio interfaces (and recently picked up by Topping on their recent E50, L50 and D10B models)
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