Quality Keyboards, Signature Required
Your keyboard is more than just a tool—it’s an expression of your style, an extension of your fingers. Our fully assembled Signature Series Keyboards are designed to make your space shine, in three styles you won’t find anywhere else.
The Captain
Crafted with a heavy, anodized, earthy gray aluminum case and MiTo-designed keycaps inspired by the ‘50s German design renaissance, the Captain is the undisputed leader of any desktop.
The Sentinel
Forged with a robust aluminum case and sleek red and black shine-through keycaps, the Sentinel means business. It’s crafted in the most popular layout there is for maximum versatility.
The Flux
Embrace the dark side. The Flux sports a heavy, black anodized aluminum case and our famous MiTo-designed Pulse custom keycap set for an electric look.